Long Term Care

This level of care is for those needing a higher level of skilled care that can no longer manage at home or assisted living.

High-Quality Health Care Services available 24/7

We offer a full activities program, individualized plans of care, and nutritional services to meet the needs of these residents which includes a full range of high-quality health care service that is available 24 hours a day. A highly trained team of physical and occupational therapists and nurses provide skilled management of acute and chronic physical services on-site. For additional peace of mind, all medications are managed and administered on-site by facility staff.

Rehabilitation Services and Amenities Include:

  • Private Rooms
  • Admission Seven Days per Week
  • Focused Individualized Physical, Occupational, Speech, and Respiratory Therapies
  • IV Therapy
  • Wound Care
  • Complex Nursing Services
  • Social Services
  • Recreational Programming
  • Dietitian Consultation
  • Exclusive Dining Room with point-of-service Dining
  • Personalized Discharge Services

Social and Physical Activities

We all know that keeping active is a great way to keep a healthy body and great for your well-being. At Park Meadows Health and Rehabilitation Center, we know that everyone has different activities that bring them joy. Some may enjoy mind-stimulating trivia games while others may just be looking to be in a room with others. We have created a diverse activities calendar that includes activities at all different involvement levels. Our staff gently encourage residents to join.

We also have physical activities that residents can do while seating that will still help to keep their bodies active. Chair yoga, stretching and more allow residents to move at their own pace, wake up joints and muscles, and feel better mentally and physically.

What People are Saying About us

We have been happy with the care my mom has received at Park Meadows. She is new to the facility. She came from an awful place called Magnolia Ridge. That place may be new and beautiful but the lack of care is horrible and the nepotism is in full effect. They only want your money!!! I would NEVER refer anyone there! EVER! Park Meadows may be an old building (I hope for renovations) but at least every time I walk in everyone I see in the hallways smile and say hi. The residents are always socializing and out and about throughout the facility. At Magnolia Ridge the hallways were empty, like a ghost town. Good job Park Meadows!!! And thank you! I would have given 5 stars but the food and the building definitely needs work.
Carole Newell
Carole Newell
My nana recently had a fall and needed rehab therapy. It was hard to find a right fit for her. We chose Park Meadows Rehab because the person in contact with us was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with her wellness. I praise the staff and my grandmother has fully recovered. Everyone was helpful and and having them follow up with was a plus! Thank you Park Meadows staff and administration.
Chantal Williams
Chantal Williams
Good therapy and care from the staff!
Alexis Richardson
Alexis Richardson
It’s a great facility! Amazing staff & residents
Nene Davis
Nene Davis
Park Meadows is a great place to work
Aimee Devillez
Aimee Devillez
Park Meadows has worked very hard to promote positive changes in the building. Currently having more resident activities & staff engagements which help to facilitate high quality resident life. We promote open door policy with upper management. Our staff pulls together in hard times and make it a great place to work. With continued teamwork & dedication Park Meadows is on the rise to greater! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
April Brown
April Brown
First of all, Iam proud to be part of A Team that involves and care about their New employees well as the current staff I must say Iam I Awe of the building of how welcoming an comfort to know this is the right place for me. I have worked at many and seen a lot but ParkMeadows is the Best place to be the resident every Dept is amazing that I have seen in a short period of time. I love what I do It’s not a job to me it’s my calling to give the Best care with Respect Integrity Compassion Empathy and Honesty Iam honored to be A employee at ParkMeadows Cuddos
Sharonda Gainey
Sharonda Gainey
I came to park meadows as an agency nurse, which I had been for a few years. After almost a year I committed to a full time employee. I can say that I am glad I made that choice. I had been wanting a place to call "home" and this place felt like just that. I like the way that they aren't micro-managers. You do what you're supposed to do and you have no problems. Your also acknowledged for the work you do as well. I have since been able to get a promotion into management and I am loving it even more here. I can now say that I have made Park Meadows my "forever home ".
Legacy Jones
Legacy Jones
The new administration team is a much needed improvement!
Harper Jenkins
Harper Jenkins

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go through rehabilitation at a nursing home?

We have the full rehabilitation set-up including equipment, certified therapists, and a great location. Just like we provide a comprehensive home-like atmosphere for our residents, we do the same for our short-term rehabilitation patients. You will get the great dining, relaxing grounds and courtyards, and 24-hour medical access along with everything else you need for your rehabilitation. Complete rehabilitation requires your therapy sessions as well as relaxing downtime in order to heal.


How is a nursing home different from a hospital?

Nursing homes in the past used to be stark, institutional places that were cold and lonely. We cannot stress enough how much nursing homes have changed.

  • Our centers are designed to provide the home-like atmosphere you want for your loved one while still providing any medical care they need.
  • We provide social activities for mind and body well-being, companionship, and socialization.
  • Our dining services are specialized and provided in a posh and comforting dining room.
  • We do not restrict visiting except in certain health crisis situations.
  • We have rehabilitation services for extended care and comfort.
  • Residents can bring personal items with them.
  • We celebrate holidays, birthdays and promote a sense of community.
What safety measures are in place?
Safety measures are one of the reasons families may decide their loved ones are better situated at a nursing home than in their own homes. We have 24-hour nursing and medical staff, medical supplies and equipment, medication and are also designed with fall and safety precautions in mind. We also make sure your loved one is under constant surveillance while still respecting privacy. Locked security systems, cameras, visitor logs, supervised outings, emergency call buttons and more are designed to keep safety and security in place even while in a home-like atmosphere.
What can my loved one bring with them?
We proved all the furniture your loved one needs. We do recommend bringing pictures, a favorite blanket, or cherished knickknacks. We discourage bringing anything of value, electrical items or anything that takes up large amounts of space. When you come for your tour you will get a better idea of what space is available and we can provide you with some suggestions as well.

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